Draft assignment one

HI, this is my draft for my assignment one. there is finally something on my document other than the title. if you wouldn’t mind please leave some feedback for me and be as harsh as you wish 🙂

also when looking at the spreadsheet please ignore the income statement section as it’s not complete. Thanks 🙂

Assesment Task 1_Nicole Madsen

De La Rue_Company Spreadsheet 2017


The firm I have been assigned to

The company that I have been assigned to is De La Rue which provides products and services globally. De La Rue designs, integrate, manufactures and delivers products and services which operate within their four main markets, currency, identity, cash processing, product authentication, and traceability, where they offer:

  • Banknotes
  • Banknote paper
  • Polymer
  • Passport books
  • Identity cards
  • Product authentication/Traceability
    • Tax stamps/Holograms – which protects the integrity of governments and commercial businesses, products and brands and the protection of one’s revenue and tax.
  • Security features – that are built into the notes that are manufactured.
  • They also provide central banks and cash processing centres with banknote sorting machines and software systems.

The security features will help identify counterfeit and illicit trade. De la Rue has the highest possible security accreditations in the industry.  They have gained eight new security features in the past five years. The company has also been able to remove the complexities of digital work streams which means citizens identities are managed in a complete single management data solution.

As 85% of global transactions are made with cash, De La Rue makes sure the authenticity of the currency is unquestionable. They provide the suppliers such as the government and central banks the control over production, circulation, management and the destruction of the bank notes and provide individual needs to each client for security.

De La Rue is in business with both governments and commercial companies such as, Microsoft where they are providing traceability and authentication to ensure that their customers are purchasing genuine products.  De La Rue has had a joint venture since 1986 with the Sri Hanka government and their central bank. They also operate with the Bank of England (who they have manufactured bank note paper for since 1724) and the HM Passport Office (HMPO) where they are now implanting De La Rue’s operational excellence program.

There are nine locations around the world, six of those locations are in the United Kingdom (UK), and one in Sri Hanka, Malta, and Kenya. Their headquarters reside at Basingstoke, UK. They started in 1913 where Thomas De La Rue (who is the founder of this company) had his first commercial venture. In 1821, Thomas set up in London as a partner in stationary and fancy good manufacturer. The family partnership continued until 1896 where it was converted into a private company, 25 years later the De La Rue family left the business where then the company converted into a public ownership. In 1967, the De La Rue Company was then a part of history when they were a part of the team that developed and installed the world’s first ATM at Barclays Bank in Enfield, UK. More recently they have signed a seven-year contract with the Bank of England to print and supply sterling which they are still providing to this day and have taken over the banks manufacturing operation from 2003. Since 2009, the company has been producing UK passports and have signed a 10-year contract to provide this service. Lastly, they have just celebrated their 200th anniversary in 2013.